Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’ve written books with strained relationships between moms and their teenage girls before, but what I love about my current project is the easy relationship between my protagonist and her mom. They don’t look like one another, they don’t have to carve out “quality time”, and even though her mom is working while they’re on their summer adventure, she knows she has someone in her corner.

I have that in my mom. We’re hardly the same person, even though we share similar interests (books, writing, history, travel), but I know without a doubt that she loves me and would do anything for me (as she would for any of her kids). I try to repay that by being EASY. Easy to be around, easy to please, etc.  It’s wonderful, seeing my daughter who is stepping into tweendom, honoring me in similar ways. I love spending time with her, even though we’re very different people. Sure, we have our moments (we’re both definitely fallible humans), but she’s easily one of my favorite people.

I wanted to capture some of that good relationship, and my hopes for our future, in this book. And so far, I’m pleased with the results.


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