Storybird Longform Launch / The Mystery of Dogwood Cross


ImageI’ve been closed-mouthed about something awesome for months and months now, but I can finally share! My novel, THE MYSTERY OF DOGWOOD CROSS, is part of Storybird’s longform novel launch. Step for step, it’s been the coolest experience. Highlights include:


* working with a genius like Molly O’Neill (look her up, you’ll see what I mean) (!!!!) (still get excited, yep!)
* having Ingvard the Terrible come on board to create the most perfect illustrations possible for the book, I love it all, you don’t even know!
* finding out which other authors were involved with their own books (I fangirl these people! I have their books on my shelves and/or have been following them for years!)
* being able to write the kind of book I searched for and devoured as a kid
* having direct access to the great feedback that’s already come in from the early readers
* watching some of the great things about traditional publishing stick, but reinventing the wheel for today’s social media-inclined roadways
* not having to worry about V while she creates and reads other users’ stories — the site is extremely good about protecting kids and their information
* being able to experiment with serialization, just like I’ve wanted to do for years now (right now I’m posting a new chapter once weekly, but have the freedom to post more often if I desire!)



For more info about the new Creative Partners program and Longform books, check the link.


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