Storybird Tip: Hard Returns from Word into Longform Books

I have loved my experience with Storybird so far.

I have, however, hit a snafu when posting chapters into the new longform books. I tend to write in Word (when I’m on my MacBook) or Pages (when I’m on my iPad). I also tend to do it in traditional manuscript format, like this:


ImageRight now, when I copy all and paste into the longform chapter generator, it holds my hard return, but there’s no extra line spacing between paragraphs. I’ve had to go back and add in extra hard returns at the end of each paragraph. Not a big deal at all, and I’ve been able to catch some typos that way!  But at the same time, I have missed a few breaks that were supposed to be in there. I can go back and edit them, but the story has to go through moderation again, which delays the publication process.

So I tried something crazy. So, so crazy, y’all.

I opened up the chapter I wanted to publish next, in Word.

I went to Find/Replace.

And in the box, I did this crazy, crazy thing:


Yep. I replaced all ^p (which is how Word reads paragraph breaks in code) to ^p^p and it added that second return that I needed. Then I could copy and paste directly into the longform editor and voilà! No missed paragraph breaks!

So crazy, amirite?

Anyway, I hope this helps other Storybirdies who write in Word! I suppose I should get back to work on Chapter Six, huh? Oh, and yes, that first image the very beginning of the chapter. 😉


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