When Life Steals Your Words

This week has been full of good things, but also some inconveniences. We’ve had a lot of fun with our homeschool co-op (hiking, visiting Fellows Riverside Gardens, learning about recycling with the Green Team…), but I also battled a bad round of allergy yuck over the weekend and it followed me into the week. I do think our hike at the Lily Pond on Tuesday helped my body recover.

This weekend, I’m traveling to St. Louis for a cousin’s wedding. I’ve had so much to do to get ready for the trip, that I barely squeezed in writing a chapter of THE MYSTERY OF DOGWOOD CROSS.  It took the better part of a day to squeeze out 1800 words. Usually it takes about two hours to do it.

I got it done, though. I sent it to my friends who edit (one does macro/storyline edits, one does grammar checks, both hound me on fluidity and catch typos and I love them dearly for being brutal with my writing).  I got my edits back.  They both said the chapter was good, it was fine, but…it wasn’t my best.

Which I knew.

And I don’t want to publish something for the sake of publishing.

There will be no new chapter this weekend, even though I’d planned it. I’d WRITTEN it. But I don’t want to do my readers a disservice. And even talking about the failings of what I HAD written, I was able to come up with better ideas, ones that thrill me.

Hopefully, the joy will be passed on with whatever I come up with instead.



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