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They plunged for Freedom and the Right

We officially wrapped the homeschool year yesterday with our year-end assessment! I’m relieved to have another year under our belts, but learning never, ever stops. Case in point: today.

As a Memorial Day activity, my husband had the good idea to go make rubbings of soldiers’ headstones. We taught her how to determine in which war they had served. Many had fought in the Spanish-American War, which is one she wanted to learn more about. Fortunately, I knew a thing or two about it. Because I’m a geek.

The cemetery groundskeeper was very supportive of it, but he did ask what kind of paper we were using. It was freezer paper (which worked great), and he said that was perfectly fine. Some people use carbon paper, and he says that messes up the stones, so it’s not allowed.

This weekend, our hearts are with the families of those who have served and paid for our freedoms with their lives. We are blessed, regardless of what the news outlets say. And we’re very grateful.

Image*title taken from Joyce Kilmer’s “Memorial Day“.