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When Life Steals Your Words

This week has been full of good things, but also some inconveniences. We’ve had a lot of fun with our homeschool co-op (hiking, visiting Fellows Riverside Gardens, learning about recycling with the Green Team…), but I also battled a bad round of allergy yuck over the weekend and it followed me into the week. I do think our hike at the Lily Pond on Tuesday helped my body recover.

This weekend, I’m traveling to St. Louis for a cousin’s wedding. I’ve had so much to do to get ready for the trip, that I barely squeezed in writing a chapter of THE MYSTERY OF DOGWOOD CROSS.  It took the better part of a day to squeeze out 1800 words. Usually it takes about two hours to do it.

I got it done, though. I sent it to my friends who edit (one does macro/storyline edits, one does grammar checks, both hound me on fluidity and catch typos and I love them dearly for being brutal with my writing).  I got my edits back.  They both said the chapter was good, it was fine, but…it wasn’t my best.

Which I knew.

And I don’t want to publish something for the sake of publishing.

There will be no new chapter this weekend, even though I’d planned it. I’d WRITTEN it. But I don’t want to do my readers a disservice. And even talking about the failings of what I HAD written, I was able to come up with better ideas, ones that thrill me.

Hopefully, the joy will be passed on with whatever I come up with instead.


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Quiet times in quiet nooks

It’s a quiet morning here, with a chapter that needs written and then a trip to the library planned this afternoon, where I’ll work on streamlining the school year for our portfolio. I’m excited for this next week because it’s a lot of time at home, punctuated with time with friends. With all the travel we’ve done (and it picks up again next weekend!), it’s so good to have quiet times in quiet nooks, like this one: